Mission,Vision,Objectives & Values


The Mission of ADA is mobilizing and coordinating the capacity of the people, members, and its supporters to foster the development endeavor and benefit of the people of the Amhara region in the areas of Health, Education, Employment creation, and others in a sustained community involvement.


To see the People of the Amhara Region with enhanced attitude of preparedness & self reliance, and solving its development challenges by its own capacity through united and concerted efforts in the year 2025.


The very essence of the establishment of ADA is to enhance the attitude of preparedness and self reliance and capacitating   the people of the Amhara region for self development; Supporting and coordinating the people to make maximum use of their capacity for development. The specific objectives are:

  • To support the endeavor of the people and the regional government efforts in expanding health, education, and basic skills training and others which are key to improve the life of the people.
  • To support and work in partnership with the NGOs who strive for improving the life of the people of the Amhara region.
  • Coordinating and supporting individuals, institutions and the private sector at large who are interested to contribute voluntary works/services for the people of the region; build/ strengthen the culture of voluntarism in the region.
  • Support and work towards strengthening community based environmental protection Practices in the region.

Core Organizational Values

o    Non partiality

o    Community Interest & Benefit

o    Transparency and Accountability

o    Innovativeness

o    Ownership and Commitment

o    Efficiency

o    Partnership

o    Sustainability


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